PFLAG Greater St. Louis News
July 2022

In This Issue:

  • Pride Pictures!

  • Supporting our Non-binary Loved Ones

  • HRC Dinner - Supporting the Fight for Equality

  • Tower Grove Pride - September 24-25

  • Virtual Support Meeting - Spread the Word!

  • Everybody Loves Swag :)

  • Calendar of Events - Note Espresso Yourself!

PFLAG’s Impact

When Emma first shared their sexual orientation about 6 years ago, I never imagined how my life would change. We assured them that we loved them and always would and asked a lot of questions. We were glad they had trusted us and wanted to support them in every way we could. I was surprised to realize how attached I was to the future life I had imagined for my child and family. I discovered it was very hard to let go of that. Like many parents, my initial reaction included worrying about my child’s safety and future happiness.

I had a lot of questions and wanted information and someone to talk to - which led me to PFLAG. At my first meeting, I heard from other parents about their kids’ positive experiences and relationships as well as challenges. It helped so much to be able to share how I was feeling with people who clearly understood. I’ll never forget the response months later when I shared prom photos at a monthly meeting. Everyone was so happy and just really understood what a big deal that was – all the worry and fear and relief and joy that was behind sending Emma off to an event like that and having it be wonderful just like it should have been.

I am in a very different place now in my journey. I have become a better parent and I better understand what’s really important in my life. I am continuously learning and being challenged. I am surrounded by kind, loving, wise friends who are actively trying to make the world better. Finally, I know that Emma will find love and support from most of the people in their life.

As of last year, I became the president of PFLAG Greater St. Louis. I still attend PFLAG meetings as often as I can because I still get so much from them. They’re a chance to be reassured and reassure, learn and educate, celebrate and worry, and ultimately help others. Through the efforts of the new board and numerous volunteers, the last year has seen a revitalization of our PFLAG chapter culminating in this year’s Pride events and especially the Pride St. Louis Grand Parade. Yes, it was my first! It felt amazing and powerful to demonstrate such VISIBLE support for the LGBTQ+ community, to celebrate with our loved ones, and to feel the impact of 50 years of PFLAG’s work. The parade route was filled with folks whose lives have been helped by PFLAG and those who still need us, providing inspiration for the work we will do in the coming year. I am so grateful to those who were there for me when I needed the support PFLAG provides and for those who currently give their time and energy to support, educate, and advocate through PFLAG.

Thanks to Emma for setting me on this path!

Beth Gasparovic

We Showed Our Pride!
Pride month was a joy-filled month for PFLAG. Check out the fun and connections we made:

And if you couldn’t join us for anything during Pride Month, have no fear. We have our monthly support communities, and more community gatherings are in the works.

Supporting Our Non-binary Loved Ones.

HRC Dinner!

Tower Grove Pride!

We Have a Virtual Support Meeting!

Do you know someone outside of STL that could use some PFLAG support? Are you feeling sick or stressed about your schedule and can’t make an in-person support meeting? We have a virtual meeting that works perfect for all of those needs!

Our virtual meeting meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7pm on zoom and is that hidden gem of PFLAG Greater St. Louis that folks are still finding. It has the same parent, family, and friend support of the in-person meetings just in a virtual setting.

If you know someone that could benefit from this meeting, send them this information this week! And if you need the zoom link send us an e-mail and we’ll send it your way.

Everybody Loves Swag

Follow us on Facebook, join a meeting or virtual program, or contact us to volunteer. We look forward to seeing or hearing from you!